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Originally Posted by Kommando View Post
Please explain. I read this a lot on this site, but also see many KLR complaints of buzziness/vibes, needing to keep the revs below 5K to conserve oil, needing to keep the speed down because they're over-revving/working at 70MPH+, getting blown around by large vehicles, buffeting with the stock screen, etc. These complaints don't seem to be nearly as common among DR riders...
My experience with a 2004 DR650 compared to my 2009 KLR650 was that the DR transmitted more vibrations to the rider and I felt I got blown around more (no real wind protection). That said, a STOCK KLR650 is not that much better - I do have to admit that my response is based on my KLR (2009 with Happy-Trails rally windscreen, KTM SM fender mod, H-T fork brace) so perhaps it is skewed. My comparisons to a DRZ400S are less skewed, however as my DRZ compared equally to the DR in all areas except vibration, and for that the DR would win, but personally I would take back roads instead of the interstate to get to the dirt for the added fun of the smaller bike.

Originally Posted by Kommando View Post
There are wide-ratio gearsets available for the DR-Z now as well. I've really enjoyed my DR650, as well as a few other peoples' DR650s , but if I can have a dirtier DR-Z with the same or better gearspread for dual duty, I'm likely adding one to the garage sooner or later.

With a durable and lightweight 220-mile+ tank, and a comfy aftermarket seat (maybe a windscreen for some people too), long-distance travel capability is no longer an issue on a DR or a wide-ratio DR-Z. DIRT capability still is though, and there's already a streetbike in the stable, hence my lean towards the dirtier Zooks.
That is exactly why I have both. I bought the KLR thinking it would do everything just fine, but found that when the going gets rough I still prefer the DRZ. I use the KLR for commuting and for anything more than ~3 hours one way just because the DRZ is downright abusive for long distances, but if I'm within ~120 miles of the fun I will choose the DRZ every time.

For the OP I still feel that the decision is between the DR650 or a Gen1 KLR650. Both are good bikes with enough aftermarket support to make them whatever you want them to be.
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