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I voted a couple of days ago but held off from posting because at the time I thought both the GS and the KTM made me want to vomit.

Now that I've had time to look and study them both, I'm still keeping my 990. That being said, if it ever blows up, I might wind up with the GS. *shock horror*

Here's the thing for me: I love my KTM. Man I love it. I've never had a bike that does everything that it does so well. Race sport bikes over at Deal's Gap, put on the 19/17. Hammer down double track and logging roads, 21/18 wheels. And I've fixed the headlights the way I like them, put on the bigger gas tanks so now I can ride for an hour without getting fuel, ripped of that stupid ABS (ABS is good, but KTM didn't pull it off well), got the mapping fixed. This bike is like a battle buddy. But........

You can't work on the damn thing without taking half of it apart. I'm looking forward to a sub 1 hour oil change now that I have my hose installed. Have to check the valves? 3 cases of beer and a day or two later and you're done. Young James (rode with Radioman in SA for a while) checked his GS valves in a parking lot and had someone hold his beer until he finished. God forbid I drown the KTM in a river crossing (damn near did once, whisky throttle to the rescue), I'd have to set up camp, take off both tanks, drain the radiator, drain the oil tank, JUST to get to the plugs. Ewan, when he drowned his GS in Siberia, pulled the plugs, thumbed the starter a couple of times to blow out the water, put the plugs back in, and was done in about 10 minutes.

I still like that I can work on my 990 without having to have a degree in computer science like I imagine a GS would be like. But cruise control, fly by wire throttle, power adjustable windscreen, the BMW dealer network... I can dig it. The Boxer engine has ridden from Afrika Corps all over the world. Not crazy about the water cooled valves, but I'd imagine that there's some kind of limp mode where the bike will still run in case the radiator goes to pot. My 21/18 wheels have been sitting in my garage since the ADV Rendezvous in May.

The 9*0 series was designed to dominate the Dakar and be worked on by a team of mechanics at night, and I love it for that. But I think the GS will be a better travel bike, for me, when the time comes.

Then I get to turn the 990 into a proper rally bike.

Edit: Just looked at the new GS again. Nope. Want to puke. When my 990 blows up I'll wind up with a 2012 GSA.
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