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Originally Posted by sakurama View Post
You too. Thanks, but it seems like it will never end. Almost done now.

It makes me even more in awe of the guys that rode those big Dakar bikes. I watched ever minute of those races and was just blow away then and now. They were super heroes.

Back in 04 when I got my bike I did lots of silly stuff with it. It's amazing what it would do. Now though I tend to spend more of my time on pavement with my 17/19 wheels and only do dirt roads and double track with the bigger wheels. That seems to be how a lot of people I know evolve with the bikes so the new bike makes sense for how I ride now. I'd buy the R version though and then I'd do a second set of wheels. At least that's what I think today.


It was awesome meeting both you guys in bend. Hey Gregor I owe you and your buddy a beer lol thanks for the drink during the ktm games.

I really can't see the need for more HP the 990 does an awesome job as is it did everything I asked on the trip and more. I had a 640 adv and to me it was a turd that would rattle your brain and the 690 I test road was unimpressive to say the least
If they do make a mid size twin adv I'll be first inline but I don't see thy happening anytime soon if ever so for now the 990adv stays
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