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Originally Posted by VooDooDaddy View Post
You Sir, have my respect. I know quite a bit about the Ranger course, and I have intense admiration for anyone who can complete that training! Ranger school is a real kick-in-the-nuts!

Serving in an infantry company, you learn really quick that ounces turn into pounds, and pounds = pain! And I know this translates to motorcycle travel as well. I know I mentioned it already, but I am literally gob-smacked at the amount of crap some people take on their moto-trips; simply unbelievable, i.e. huge panniers, topboxes, tank bags stuffed to the brim on a huge 700lbs. Beemer GS for one person going across the USA? I just don't get it.

I have Long Way Round and Long Way Down saved and I watch them with much pleasure. However, there is no facking way I would go around the world with such a huge/heavy machine with all the damn crap dear ole Charlie and Ewan carried; and I'm not even counting the huge SUV's full of $hit.

One more cheer for the Sherpa traveling philosophy!
Yup,you watch Charlie and Ewan pick those monsters up over and over and over again,gotta wonder how many less times they woulda been on the ground if the bikes didnt weigh 700 lbs or more all loaded up. And most of their trip wasnt a hiway cruising sorta trip,a 650 single would have done fine. But wouldnt have had the panache of riding a giganto euro bike.
As a long time trail rider,since I was about 13 back in 1971 or so,the lighter,the better. Simpler is just as important when things go all wonky.

Kinda funny when the Long Way Round video guy gets on the 1000.00 russian POS bike and rides circles around Charlie and Ewan,light bike,no problem.
Some bikes around at times
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