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Smacka - yes, I'd love a nice shiny pair of new boots... and did try to obtain some when I was in Chiang Mai, but they didn't even come close to my size. There's no point flying some up either... I have to spend a fair bit of time shopping for boots to get something to fit. There is good news though... I took a day off yesterday and finally found some gaffer tape. I've been able to keep the insulation tape on the leg of the boots - both zippers are shot - but keeping it on the soles has been impossible. Its gone after the first bit of water or pushing through mud. Hopefully the gaffer tape will last.

Yes.... the airbox is an issue, I've been lucky enough to find boats at all the deeper crossings so far. I've had it deep enough to be wondering why it wasn't dying on me though. The Super Enduro is much better in that regard. The guys I was riding with up on Cape York told me the water got onto the headlights in one river crossing there on the Frenchmans Track. This thing wouldn't have a hope there. I believe there are both deep and muddy river crossings on the agenda for today.... and its probably time I got moving.

Steve.... no. I'm in Attapeu at present. Stayed two nights at the Attapeu Palace. Quite nice. Good food too... even had Ostrich kebabs. I'm aiming for Pakse today... but will be staying cheaper there. There's a hard to get map of Cambodia waiting for me at a guest house.

Motomuppet.... yes, agreed. I've got a soft spot for dogs too. I've even been known to pat some of the local ones. I'll not be deliberately eating dog.

Sheesh... time to drag these weary bones down to breakfast and try out the southern loop to Pakse. I believe there's some nice waterfalls on the way.
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