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Originally Posted by Mikef5000 View Post
Just a quick blip...

I added the brightest headlight bulbs you can get a couple days ago: 4500k 55w HID's. Super pleased with the output. The projector housings work great with them, and the low beam cutoff is still as sharp as ever (so no offending oncoming traffic). Clicking into high beam is just awesome. They (shining on the back wall) light up my entire garage more than my florescent light fixtures.

For $60 for the pair, with lifetime warranties, I'd highly recommend the setup to anyone, especially if you're considering auxiliary lighting... try these first.
you got my attention

this is all plug and play?? mount the ballast, take out factory bulb and new bulb goes right in? factory harness plugs into ballast harness and ballast harness plugs into new bulb? no problems with the shutters or heat? im guessing you have to add the dual in, dual out harness to that kit?
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