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Originally Posted by mikesova View Post
I may be in the minority, but I don't mind my dual sport not having the same amount of power as my street bike. I am pretty happy with the KLX250s and I'm over 200lbs.

I agree completely there I'm a bigger guy tho, so the 250 just isn't enough for me as a dual-sport. But I don't see the need to have a street bike with aggressive tires and call it a dual sport. I bought my ds to ride in the dirt, and it has more power than I can use for that purpose. If I need to go fast on pavement I'll jump on my 270rwhp turbo zx14, or my busa, or even the drag gixxer 1100
Each machine has its purpose......for me, when I'm in the dirt I want a dirt bike, when I'm strictly street I want a street bike. My ds does an awesome job of comfortably getting me to the dirt, then acts like a real dirt bike when I get there
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