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Originally Posted by Dunewar View Post
One problem though : her definition of a sportsbike is big. Anything with a fairing. Anything with a slightly forward position. Anything with the name ducati on it. A r1100s is a sportsbike. So is a vfr. And a gsx650f. Even a ninja 650. And a monster. Oh and the budget should be around what i get for my r1100gs (my choice). And i don't like riding a naked bike. Any tips ?

Maybe i should get a Dnepr or an ural...

OK... if she rides with you, take her for a ride on a naked standard with no windscreen or fairing. Take a LONG ride. Say minimum of 300 miles. The wind will beat her up.

Go find a BMW dealership and let her sit on the RT. Then take her for a ride on one, preferably with the large top case on so she can lean back on it. There will be very little wind for her to contend with, and she will get the idea why there are fairings on touring bikes too.

My wife absolutely loves to ride on the RT for long periods of time.

If she is into statistics, most fatality crashes are below 30 mph, and most are alcohol related. Most of the others are lack of training, exceeding rider capability, or generally being stupid at the wrong time and place. Moral her is to get trained, stay in practice, and be ATGATT.

I know the URAL comment is a joke, but they are Russian knock-offs of a basic WW2 design BMW R bike, and I have a friend who owns one. Says it is tough as nails and a hoot to ride. Does your wife have anything against a butt-ugly sidecar rig ?
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