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Originally Posted by therivermonster View Post
Thanks for the quick reply, Earling! I needed it.

The mini fairing fish eyed badly, but very small fish eyes this time. Too bad cause it looked cool.

I was hesitant to put more work into this piece, but I decided that it also doubles as a piece of carbon fiber composite that can be used like a chalk board of sorts. Just erase your previous work and continue.

That's exactly what I did. I sanded all the new resin off along with the sexy new paint stripes. Then it was back to where I started after I had finished sanding yesterday. I mixed up a 15 gram batch of epoxy resin and was very surprised at what followed...

This is exactly what I did. I dipped my gloved pointer finger and middle finger just a little bit into the resin. The resin maybe covered up to the top of my fingernails on both fingers. I started to rub this resin into the sanded part and was very surprised how well it was covering. Believe it or not, I had too much resin on my fingers.

After I had rubbed the resin all over the part, I used one of those folded blue shot towles to wipe off the excess which there was plenty of.

If you are going to try any of this composite work, remember that a little resin goes a long way...

Needless to say, the newly finished part looks much better (so far), but without the sexy red stripes. If the resin doesn't fisheye this time, I would like to paint on the stripes again and spray a few coats of UV protectant clear on and call it done.

More to come soon...
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