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Talking A plan?

Ok there has been some very good input here.
Ausguy could do with a 3rd wheel. Getting over major ops is a challenge.
I have found even reletively minor ops a challenge.
What machine do you need an extra wheel for?
Mixr you are correct I suppose in the need for a new thread but if it does not upset anyone I will post once more here . Or even if it does
You made some very good points these showing us the benefit of your experiences so far, thanks.
I would not be able to cater for all types of machines available so most likely build something I think would work for me and just offer to share some like it with a few like minded friends.
Even the question of why to attempt to manufacture something for such an obscure market with such little likelyhood of significant reward?
But it is much more satisfying to actually do something than to do nothing. I found this when I imported the the Chiang chairs. The experience does not have to be perfect to be a good experience.
Jay's imput was very helpful also, it showed that we even with our liking for the unusual in transport, if we work together, can get the things we want.
I like the idea of combining the expertise of those who build the chassis, suspensions and subframe. with locally made bodies.
Even better if all a made locally but volume production makes for a better product in terms of price/quality.
I would like to upgrade the chair on my VStrom and so will probably sell the Chiang chair at some stage after building a replacement with more suspension travel etc.
Will just have to pull finger and make a start.
It is just as easy once I get the drawings done on computer for the panels of the sidecar boat to make some extras.
Current thought is for a body that tilts up from the front but looks more like a normal body.
Brendan, getting enough work mate?
Cheers all, Bruce
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