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Originally Posted by isaac004 View Post
So yesterday I got around to making the modification described above. After draining some oil and pulling the spring out, I had to compress the fork while it was upside down in a oil pan, and slowly compress the fork to get the Intiminators out. Well not once but TWICE did I end up spraying oil all over the floor as it shot down with force into the oil pan. I should have built a little cardboard wall/fort around the pan so I did not have to spent half a hour wiping off of everything.

I removed about 1mm from each oil ring, and as I put everything back together it was MUCH easier to slide the Intiminators back in the forks. Now I had hopes. After finishing off the re-assembly with Maxima 5wt oil, I bolted everything back together. Time for the moment of truth...

..and no dice. It feels and sounds exactly the same as before.

Not sure what to do at this point. Might be a good time to upgrade to Gold Valves for slightly better off road performance!
Did you fill the forks with fork oil to above the damping rods and cycle the shock several times before dropping in the intiminators and completing the filling?
Did you fill while the forks were fully compressed?
Are your caliper bolts tight?
Is your steering head nut torqued to spec?
If you are sure you installed everything right, I'd experiment with these suggestions:
First, open the caps , take out the spacers, put in new spaces 2x the length of the old ones, screw the caps on and try the bounce test.
If no difference, open the caps, and add some extra oil, screw the caps down and give it the bounce test.
If no difference, open the caps and remove the oil you just poured in and remove some additional oil - a turkey baster might work great if it's long enough. Give it the bounce test again.

Let us know the results.
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