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Originally Posted by eakins View Post
What oil height have people settled on?
I was happy with the stock oil volume (19.1 oz). I believe that's 6.5". That was with .45 Eibach's + emulators. But when I installed Procycle's Magic, way more stronger 320mm rotor, the fork dive was almost as bad as the stock springs.

I've never been happy with having to measure fork oil height with the springs out; what a PITA. Clear back when I had my DT-1B air forks were being experimented with. It was one of the mods available to us back then (Fred Flintstone was my buddy). Maybe it was Dirt Bike magazine that did an article on completely removing the fork springs and using air to suspend the bike. It was an easy and cheap experiment; drill and tap the fork caps, install schrader(?) valves, add air. Even back then, I had to farkle (35 years before I ever heard the word farkle).

This is what I ended up with, it's over in the DR Index, but WTF; now it's here again.

Use a 1/8 NPT tap. Ignore the forks being slipped up in the triple, it's just an experiment.

Copied and pasted from the Index; Suspension / Chassis:
Then I use one of these with a zip tie loose enough to slide up-n-down. Now I can adjust my oil level without disassembly, which came in handy when I put a 320mm rotor on the front. The brake works so much better that the fork dive with .45 Eibachs, was too much for my liking. Stock oil level is 16-1/8" (forks fully extended, with springs and caps installed), I added 20ml and ended up at 14-7/8". That's 1 1/4" or 5/8" per 10ml. You don't even have to move your handi-bars, way better than removing the springs and collapsing the forks everytime you want to experiment with oil levels.

More info here:

But in your case (Intiminators and heavier springs), fork dive isn't an issue. So none of this matters. If you aren't bottoming out frequently and you're ok with whatever fork dive, I'm thinking the stock 19.1oz (for accuracy) is good.

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