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Day 19 Oct 5 563 kms Superior MT to Oliver BC

I had kind of figured that being so much lower in elevation, that it would be a bit warmer in the morning. But it was well into the 20s when I went for breakfast.

I went to check the bike, and there was still a fair bit of frost on it.

The old bike wasn’t quite as excited about starting this morning, but with a bit of coaxing she fired up ok.

I waited around for a bit, and hit the road, well before 32F. I mean, people ride snowmobiles in a lot colder weather than this, right? The sun was shining, so I wasn’t bad for cold, just my fingers complained a bit.

I stopped at a rest stop for a break and to warm up near Look Out Pass.

I carried on, twisting through the mountains, and by the time I was in Coeur d’Alene it was pretty nice out.

I stopped at a Harley shop in Spokane for a quart of oil, and a couple guys came over to check out my bike. This surprised me a bit. A lot of places I stopped along the way, people would come up and ask about the bike or say they used to have one like it or something, EXCEPT at Harley shops. Whenever I stopped in at one for something, people would pretty much ignore me and my old bike. There would be people around, looking at the new iron or some ones custom ride, but usually no one would make eye contact with me ( And I would stare at them, just to make sure J )

So this young fellow comes up to me and says “Nice bike” and I says, “ It’s not new” and he says “I know, that’s why it’s so nice”

So I am thinking “Right on, buddy”

He asks me what year, so I tell him 76, and he says “it’s a shovel then.” Like he had read about them but didn’t know quite what one looked like. He walked around it for a good look. We talked a bit about what it’s like riding an old bike, he wished me a safe ride and wandered into the Harley store.

I was pretty impressed with the young fellow. He was showing a lot of interest in a bike that was built before he was born, and was willing to listen about it, instead of quoting what he might have read about them.

I stopped just out of Spokane for lunch, and removed all my cold weather gear. It was that nice out.

I headed down hwy 2, through rural Washington and through some nice little country towns. Then onto hwy 174 and past the Grand Coulee dam. Then the road headed up and up, and it cooled down a bit again, but not so much that I needed my warm gear.

I went over another pass and headed down towards Omak, and the air was getting pretty smoky. Not smoky like it was in Idaho on the way down, but pretty smoky.

As I got close to Omak, the Forestry had roads blocked off to the south and you could see big plumes of smoke billowing out of a nearby (and I mean nearby) forest fire. The smoke was all going East, and in Omak you could hardly even tell there was a fire anywhere close by.

I dicked around in Omak for a bit, the headed north to the border. I crossed back into Canada without a hitch, and rode to Oliver for the night.
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