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So......Am I an A-Hole?

Traveling out in the grasslands along a gravel road , caught up to a JEEP, road wide enough to pass 2 trucks....but barley..
A man and his dog...dust billowing ...traveling about 60KPH (40mph).
I pull up behind on my Super Enduro, Patrick behind me on his Adventurer.
I stayed far to the left and he saw me in his side view mirror......moved to dead center out of the dust......he saw me in his center rear view mirror. He knew I was there and did not slow or slide over a little to let the pass happen..there was plenty of room but he decided to use the dead center of the road and block ( about 1 km or so for this section).
The SE has "more than enough " to make the pass ....but I didn't want to be a dick and so waited another 1 k or so cuz there was a fork in the road and figured that he would just pull off and away we go. I gave a short blip of the horn and he AGAIN looked at us behind him.......NOTHING

Ok...Pass the next fork in the road and he continues on.
This is about 3 K in all now and I had enough.
I hear that when the SE is opened up to the limiter in 3rd with a full knobie on a gravel/rocky
I passed on the left and he seemed to pull towards me a little. Prety much in the limiter from behind him till about 100 feet ahead of him.

I stopped where we hit the trail and asked Patrick if the guy let him pass. The guy stopped him and asked him to relay a message to me that he was "VERY PISSED OFF BECAUSE OF ALL THE HUGE BOULDERS THAT WERE THROWN AT HIM"

SO after 3 K of blocking and me wanting to do a gental dust-free pass I figured it was time to move on.

AM I that bad of a guy?
I hope this doesn't go the way things usually go in Jo-Mumma

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