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Sweet Jeezus

I feel your pain.

I read your ride experience. All you can do is, if they won't get over,
do your best to pass safely and rapidly.

I also read several posts beyond your post. Loved that post from one of our ADV
members saying "if they're going the speed limit, they have no obligation to
make way for you."

TO HELL WITH THAT ATTITUDE. if someone is gaining on me, no matter what
speed i am riding or driving, i make way. the left lane (or the middle of the road)
is for passing. period. i tell my kids to yield to people who are going faster than
they are.

and i double-loved a quote in the ADV member's post at the bottom. (the one
who says being a rolling road block is fine and dandy.) the quote is

i bet he's the one at the rally, holding the sign saying
"Keep the Government out of my Medicare."

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