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as a texan, you know low & slow is the key to bbq! :) i mean, yall are known here for getting those tough briskets into tender goodness right? ;)

dreamland royally sucks. it's 100% BS. at BEST it's an overpriced & average tasting touristy BBQ joint. all it took was a couple idiots on the south (read rich) side of town & the rest of the idiots followed suite until the reputation was built.

1) dreamland doesn't "slow & low" anything. it's stereotypical "we stick it in a hot smoker for a couple hours at most and less as demand rises".
2) the sauce is... It's too much vinegar & yellow mustard and the consistency runnier than water.

now Top Hat in Dodge City (north of birmingham, almost to Cullman). Low & slow baby! it's gunna be smoking for hours & hours before you eat it! they're on about a 3/4 mile stretch of flat ground, surrounded with trees and little hills blocking the road in. when they fire the smokers up early, early in the morning the entire little low ground is filled with a blue smoke that smells so sweet its hard to not drool! (there's also a HD-type shop/biker place across the street, but ive never stopped)

if you're passing through alabama go to top-hat. especially anyone that's never had real BBQ, where it's smoked at low temp for many hours.
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