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Originally Posted by crofrog View Post
I don't know about the state of motorcycling and driving in Aus, but we've got some pretty bad riders and drivers here. Which should be obvious by the number of people who in this thread have crashed or crossed the center lane, and the gap attracts douche bags. It's a really awesome road and there are lots of other really awesome roads around there, but I'd never be on it on a weekend these days.

Techincal refers to the nature of the turns many of the turns have radius changes and elevation changes.
My God this is beginnig to sound a little like DOGMA. What happened to let the rider decide? When you want how you want..... how is that not DOGMA. "My way or the highway" so to speak... Oh I get it you really don't mind "control freaks" so long as you are the "control freak"...

Developing disciplined and sytematic techniques for safe bike control is outside your paradigm.

Not only does WANK spring to mind but WANKER is the only way to describe your prescibed method of "rider decide" tuition.
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