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Originally Posted by Hoppalong View Post
Dr. Greg, about the horrors of that war. This is a question that comes to my mind always:

If the Northerners had decided a War was not worth the horrific cost, or if the Southerners had "won our freedom", would the institution of slavery still exist? Would slavery still be culturally and religiously supported and legally protected? Would slavery be as everyday-common now as it was then?
Boy, that question needs to be "answered" by someone with WAAAY more wisdom than I.

One eye-opener that I've gathered during the reading I've done was that Lincoln was NOT very popular during his term(s). I guess that's always the way it is. Ya gotta die for anybody to think anything GOOD about you.

This trip---so far---has certainly made me more "philosophical" about a lotta things. And I guess that's good.

One more thing: people that think they have all this stuff "figured out" just haven't thought it through completely.

Well, I'm gettin' a good breakfast courtesy of Jeff & Karen, and will be on my way SOUTH (yay!) shortly. Dunno if I'm gonna make any more "Civil War" stops between here and Sumter, South Carolina. Looks like the weather is a little better today than I had feared, but Sunday is RAIN!! Oh, well, all this green grass has to come about somehow.

I still DO intend to visit Shiloh, BTW.

OK, folks, enough for this morning. See ya down the road.

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