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I figured I would chime in as a current Vstrom 1000 owner, I probably have just over 30,000 miles on them not a lot but enough to make a few comments.

I primarily use my V as a 2 up all road tourer, I prefer back roads and a bit of gravel. I personally do not see it as an "off road" bike. Just my opinion. It does a great job of hauling my wife and I and all our gear anywhere we want to go.

Great motor but the clutch chudder and throttle snatchieness does get old..the rest of the bike is definitely good for the price point. Seat is all day comfy for me, wind management isn't as bad as people complain about, suspension is fair for what the bike cost. Styling...well that is not that important to me.

Well it just so happens that my long range goal is to start traveling the country in segments in 2014, Ride store repeat. So I hope to be in the market for a new 2 up adv touring bike for my wife and I.

Personally I kind of like the look of the concept V, sure it follows current styling trends but hay look around everything in our economy does..

I like many others hope they fix the chudder and EFI issues, possibly improve the suspension a bit. Maybe even move a little bit of weight lower some how.

I for one would have liked to see a shaft drive but I am thinking it is a cost thing and possibly Suzuki trying to find something to offer that not as many others do in the big displacement ADV bike market.

It definitely looks like it will widen the field of contenders when I am ready for a new bike.
However, I am not complaining because I know that I am probably better today then I will be tomorrow, so I try and enjoy every day as it comes, and stay determined to live well and be appreciative of what I still can do..."Stromsurfer"
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