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Tambor to San Jose

Another gorgeous Costa Rican morning dawned, and I made my way to a gluttonous breakfast of fresh fruit, bacon, and too many trips to the omelet bar. I set about the familiar morning routine of swimming in the warm Pacific, packing my Giant Loop bag, re-inflating the rear tire, and gearing up for the ride. Once on the bike I turned the key, pressed start, and heard click, click, click. Crap!

The battery connections were clean and tight, but I noticed the positive cable was loose and corroded inside the terminal lug crimp connector. The cable easily pulled out, so I cleaned it with my knife, scraped the inside of the terminal down to clean metal, and re-crimped the connector. I tried to start the bike again and click, click, click. The headlight was also quite dim. I hoped the battery was serviceable but just couldn't charge sufficiently through the corroded connection.

The parking lot was level, and I managed to bump start the bike, reload my gear, and hit the road.

My route for the morning would take me to Paquera, where I would catch the ferry across the Gulf of Nicoya:

Easter weekend in Costa Rica:

The ferry schedule I received from the hotel was outdated, so I arrived at the dock with two hours to spare and did some sight-seeing:

I was to cross on the Tambor III. Hopefully this is not the Tambor I and II sunken in the harbor:

The ticket booth was located in a soda by the dock and opened an hour before departure. The fare for a moto with rider was $6.80, and upon payment a voucher was provided. Only with this voucher can the moto be placed in the loading queue.

The temperature was already 105 F at 11:00 AM, and the animals were feeling the heat:

This dog was giving me his toughest "don't even think about it" look:

Is it just me, or has the dog mastered Metaljockey's "keeping the crocs at bay" look?

(Photo credit Metaljockey, from

It was finally time to board the ferry, and I was relieved my overloaded bike was taking a charge and started without having to be bumped:

The derelict vessels from a different perspective:

I stocked up on water and enjoyed a calm crossing of the Gulf of Nicoya:

Approaching Puntarenas (others have sufficiently exploited this town's name, so it is not necessary for me to do so):

I disembarked and enjoyed some street food in the port town:

After lunch I geared up for the final leg of my journey. My route for the afternoon:

I am curious about what is on top of this car:

Someone finally marked one of the hundreds of missing man hole covers:

I rode down the coast through Jaco (a little too touristic for my taste) and turned east when I reached Pueblo Nuevo, and finally made my way back into San Jose:

Back at Wild Rider Thorsten thanked me for my business and presented me with a gift:

I spent the final night of the trip in downtown San Jose walking the city and taking in the sights. Riding solo was somehow more fulfilling than I expected, thoroughly surpassing my expectations. I am certain to remember the friendly people and amazing scenery for years to come.

So, where should I explore next year?

Thanks for riding along...
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