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Long story short, I was riding in upstate NY yesterday and was on a small town road which they had applied a layer of gravel over a paved surface, gravel the same color as the road.

Another inmate in front of me hit his brakes in a turn, went down. I touched my brakes to slow, instant lockup, and down too.

I was luckier than him in that I only rolled a few times, bruises, contusions, etc., but no breaks. Thankfully, I had been in an ATGATT condition, all the gear took a beating, including my helmet, but they did their job. He unfortunately sustained a broken leg when his Concours 14 fell on it.

My W which had been pristine, is pretty much trashed on the right side. Headlight assembly, turn signals, header pipe, and it ripped the foot peg from the frame among other things. Tank emblem scraped, and a small tank ding.

Question is, does anybody have any spare parts for the W, or know of a used source? I know if the dealer has any of these things, prices will be crazy. As a final point of misery, I had no collision insurance.

Any and all leads would be greatly appreciated. I raise my vicodin cocktail to you.
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