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G'day Bruce I have been working of sorts !!!! In regards as to what has been said so far about manufacturing sidecars, I believe there is a market for it but a somewhat limited one due to our smallish 21+ million population with a good percentage of our biking community probably thinking that outfits are for weirdos or for people who can't handle having 2 wheels.

In what Rosco has mentioned there may be a demand for alternate bodies for Ural outfits but cost would be expensive depending on what the end user specifies. Maybe a modular design would be better suited if one was to manufacture rally/camper bodies. Mounting hardware is a different story as each customers requirements i.e. bike/chair combo would be different, so custom made subframes may be the norm. I am in the belief that a well (over) engineered subframe is the go, especially with our crappy roads. I have had the luxury of being shown what is well engineered and what isn't and I do get a bit horrified as to what I see sometimes. If we are to make sidecars more popular here in Oz again I think price and quality construction are a major concern and to make it appealing to the broader community. As the old saying goes - once bitten twice shy.

As to what Jay has already mentioned they are looking for an agent so maybe its time someone stood up and grabbed the bull by the horns so to speak and took it on. I would imagine that Claude Stanley would also be more than happy to export and manufacture his chairs to left hand fitment as well providing he gets enough orders to suffice retooling.
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