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I'm a current XT1200 Super Ten owner (just over two years and climbing) and a previous KTM950/BMW1150 Adv refugee. I've also had couple other KTMs being 450exc, 640Duke . I would 1st say to the Q on is it good to buy a 1st gen KTM ans :possibly no but! :-
This engine isnt strickly that new ie its been developed from a long line of KTM VTwins from the original 950 (that was a 1st gen bike :/ ) through the 990 and also in the 1190 RC8 road bike range so its more a of a update engine put into a new chassis etc IMO.
Note KTM didnt always get thier year updates right and there are lots of history in the LC4 history of later bikes adding new "bugs" that the older ones didnt have but they also fixed bugs too. So overall I see this as a relative low risk bike in terms of new tech. My XT1200 was a perhaps a "1st gen" model and it has had mostly few bugs to iron out in my experience, all in the usually affects nearly all bikes/manufacturers category of rusty spokes/engine paint and its fared a lot better than my old 1150GSA did in that respect.
Will I buy a new 1190? hmmm price wise it seems a little steep but probably in the same price bracket as the main competition (the new w/c GS12??) . I'll probably stick with the yam for another year to see how the market pricing adjusts (avoid the 1st round of no discount full RRP scramble?) plues they may start adding bits/deals later in the year too :).
PS i think I've been subconsiously waiting for this bike since I sold my KTM950Adv .
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