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Originally Posted by sakurama View Post
Wow, didn't see that coming from you!

You might be a candidate for a used HP2 Enduro. My friend Gino owned one and I loved it. He had it so set up then rode my bike and bought a 990. Still wished he'd kept it as its so special. I've owned a lot of BMW's and it true what you say about how easy they are to work on. I just bought another (R1200S) as I missed having one. I love it but you might miss the power - it's something KTM does really well and BMW not so much (in twins).

Bmw- Easier to work on and need less work. KTM - harder to work on and needs more work. For me the hooligan nature of the KTM overrides any logic though.

Yeah that is true. The only BMW I've ridden has been my dads R1200RT and I loved it, but it was sort of weak on power. I thought it was due to the weight of the bike but if it's just the 1200 motor that's weak then I'll stay orange.

It does do everything I ask of it, I know how to maintain it, and there is no comparison offroad. I miss having miles of dirt 15 minutes from the house.
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