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Originally Posted by Fire Escape View Post
Thank you, I will check them out. Are they the place to look for 12v charging options as well?

Bruce, most of the nicer chargers you can buy the 12V cord for. I have the WF 139 charger and it's been fine. I have an inverter built into the back of my Toyota FJ so I just use that. I also have another charger that has a 12V plug.

The new smart charger that does Ni cad, NiMH, and Li ion batteries is the one I would get now. Then you can pick up some cheapo NiMH for around the house that use regular AA and still charge your nice Li Ion all with one charger. It's new, wasn't around when I got mine. Sysmax i4 linked below

As Snapper noted, make sure your light is compatible with the 3.7v batteries, most are but double check.

If thats the case get some 3.7V RCR123A

If you're restricted to 3.0V batteries

I have not heeded the warning to not store the cells at top charge. They are $4. I charge them up, put them in a light and go. I also bought one of those little plastic cases for storing batteries and I keep one in my car filled with (2) AA NiMH for regular AA usage like my GPS. I also have (2) 14500 Li Ion batteries which are simply AA sized Li Ion for my flashlights.

14500 or AA sized are my favorite lights for the following reasons

They are very compact, though slightly longer than your 123 size
They use regular AA batteries and in a pinch you can obviously find those anywhere

For big power and longer run times I have a number of 18650 powered lights which are simply larger, but they put out an incredible amount of light and last forever.
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