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Methinks I'm a tad stuck at present. I found the bike's water depth limit... and then some. It took on a bellyful and I've got water in the oil... which is no great worry, as I'm carrying enough spare.

A dead flat battery brought the day's proceedings to an early end after I'd managed to get the bike running (kick started it). I'm 5km up the track from the bike.... with the battery and all my gear, which I paid some young lads to move up here for me. Hopefully I can get some charge into the battery tomorrow.... and "tomorrow", in Laos, is what the locals keep saying.

I'll be heading back the other way... I've waded through a lot of deep water and clinging mud between the bike and this village and the locals say its more of the same further on. I think I've convinced them to take me back to the bike tomorrow on a farm chugger. What I really want is a hand back through the creek that drowned the bike. I reckon that with a bit of effort back in Oz, I could fashion up a MUCH better airbox setup. The bike would be safe in another foot depth of water.

I had a rather nice rodent soup for dinner... with some forest birds thrown in too. What was that about not eating forest birds?

The boots gave up the ghost today too.... and that's a problem. When I stalled in another mudhole, the right boot fully disgraced itself. Too much frigging rain. Fancy that in the monsoon season. Who'd a thunk it?
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