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Originally Posted by runnin4melife View Post
Ebrabaek, I was considering making a CF chain guard using the stock one as a mold, any thoughts? I guess the biggest concern is whether or not any of the lubricant can mess with the resin?
You will be ok with the lube on the resin..... It does not interfere. But you most certainly will need to vacuum pack it, due to the sharp corners..... It is on my list to do... But I would make it of my own mold, as I think there will be a market for these,thus a mould necessary. You got me started thinking again about the eliminating of the low fender, with the addition of the SM fender.... But every time I see someone doing this.... I'm scarred from one inmates picture of Gonzo........ It's terrible.... I'm scarred for life.... It is a fantastic solution, but I don't feel I am there breaking the natural lines with the beak. The more I look at it, the snorkels have to go CF..... When you see them from riders perspective, the sharp top corner is hideous, and has to go at some point. My plan is to tie in a new set of CF snorkels Flow that into a new CF piece replacing the top plastic that goes fwd to the beak.... to break that line. So pieces removes, will be beak.... top plastic leading to the beak..... snorkels. Then a one piece CF will replace that.....with out the beak...of course. Sort of like a small .....less intrusive rally fairing.... with an adjustable see thru shield..... I'm exited.
Good work.

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