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Chris Wils
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Hello Kath.
Yes you have to take care of wildlife.
Last year I was riding inland Queensland between Charleville and Roma,the road was in a bad condition,so I was doing 80 km/h,and on my right hand side their was the railway track,and some bushland.When I was riding the 80 km/h speed at 8 am (I left Charleville at 7am) I saw something moving in my right eye corner.When I looked to my right,I saw a big red kangeroo jumping with me,on the road,by 80km/h.After 5 jumps he (or she) turned right,away from me.I was lucky dat he didn,t turned left,otherwise I would have hit him,and my holliday would been over.I didn,t know where he came from,but I was surprised abouth the speed these animals can go.
Between Erdunda and Ayers Rock I saw two big skid marks (from a car) a big splash,and two dead camels on the side of the road.The Aussie people warned me to stay away from the road at night.And I kept this in my mind the whole trip:The nights are for Owls and Truckkies,and al the rest must stay away from it.
I love it to go across the Nullarbor,because I like long lonely stretches,and the Nullarbor is the best for it.
So long.
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