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Originally Posted by SpeedyR View Post
searched around and thought I'd consolidate a few questions...

1) does anyone make aftermarket bodywork for the SE? mainly the front fender (looks like the standard off road one) and the tank shrouds. I saw a white fender or might go all black like my 450.

2) i have a safari and stock tank. Safari is mounted currently. I would like to be able to swap back and forth for conditions. How long of a job is that, and what parts would I need to add back to the stock tank to make it a quicker job (i.e. is the fuel pump bolted to the tank, so if I got another pump it would swap over quicker, etc)? I know it would need petcocks but wasn't sure what else might be mounted to the tank...

3) is there a way to wire the headlight so I can put a switch somewhere to turn off the headlight? mainly thinking off road riding where I don't want to wear down the battery or other situations... not sure if it's needed but I always like having the option to turn off the headlight on my 450. I have a three position switch for the headlight on that bike - off/low/high

other than that I'll dig into changing fluids next week, giving it a once over, wire in a powerlet (any suggestions on good places to put the outlet?), and rewire the fan as someone posted so it'll stay on till it cools regardless of the temps...

The bike seems to be very well sorted in it's present condition, can't say that it really needs anything (besides me to get out and ride it!). I'm headed out for a short ride this weekend just to see how it runs. will post photos and maybe some video if I get into anything fun.

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You can use Ktm 690 R front fender . Itīs bolt on , cheap and much better..

You can open orginal headlight switch and file a little plastic pin off ,then you have on/off-low-high switch.

I have SAS system taken off and fuel pump is located behind of airfilter box. I took fuel lines both sides of engine to T -joint and from T-joint a short fuel hose to fuel pump . Horn is also located to another place so i have only fuel light wire what i have to take off. Sorry about my bad english.
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