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Originally Posted by ob1quixote View Post
I thing thing screwy thing is in the Samsung proprietary cable pin-out. I bought a Duracellmbrand multi charger that seems to work well. It has a cig lighter plug body, and a fold down AC plug made into it, and a USB output. I use the Samsung cable even though it came with juice adapter plugs.
As far as I can tell, Samsung phones conform the the Micro USB standard. If it is connected to a PC or a dumb charger, it pulls at most about 300ma. In sunlight with the display a max, that isn't going to work well. If it is a proper charger/cable and has the data lines shorted, per the standard, the phone pulls more current. Typically around 800ma. That is enough to have the display on max AND charge it.
I've confirmed the same on a couple of HTC phones.

I've taken apart cheap chargers before and shorted the data pins to get the high rate.

No idea about tablets. I know that my Asus tablet will only charge from a normal USB charger if the display is turned off. It requires a USB 3.0 port with 12 volts, to charge when the display is on.
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