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What picture are you referring to? I have definitely seen some slap together mods that are functional but not aesthetically pleasing. I was tooling around on a trail about a month ago and was going slow enough that it didn't snap my front fender but the TKC picked up a rock and sucked it up, it left a good 1-2 cm gash all through the inside of the fender and I felt the bike slow down like I was hitting the brakes before I heard a slight pop and watched it spit out the rock about 15 ft in front of me. After that I was determined to complete the mod for my safety. Seeing as I usually only drive on the road to get off road it is highly beneficial for me. That and since I am running the TKCs I do not go over 80mph so I am not too worried about the wind issues from the modification.

"You got me started thinking again about the eliminating of the low fender, with the addition of the SM fender.... But every time I see someone doing this.... I'm scarred from one inmates picture of Gonzo........ It's terrible.... I'm scarred for life.... It is a fantastic solution, but I don't feel I am there yet...."
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