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Originally Posted by Albie View Post
This makes sense, after all the Adventures I think are meant to be created from a trip to share with people who have the same interests, and not so much created in Basecamp to plan a trip although obviously it can be done that way.
Forget for a moment that Adventures were created as a sharing media and Tracks are the universal path sharing data. Let's look at what can be placed in an Adventure when it is created in BaseCamp (where all Adventures are created). If one can place Routes in an Adventure that would indicate that one wanted to share that Route along with the Track(s) and other data. Considering that all of the Garmin GPS's that support Adventures also support Routing than it only makes sense that Routing be included in the Adventure management on the units. Why make it confusing - is the first point. And, why not make Routing a first-class player in the Adventure experience on the GPS - is the second point.

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