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Improvements that will get me to bike Concept

I never had the fuel injection problems but I did have the clutch problems.

The OEM DL1000 clutch should be called the "poor man's slipper" since Suzuki engineered to to slip by simply using weaker clutch springs to mitigate rear wheel lockup.That's probably the main reason for the dreaded chudder. Suzuki must have been afraid of liability issues to make it decide to use this turd of a part.

I replaced the stock clutch with a slipper clutch one out of the SV1000/Tl1000 (fits right in) . Now I have a real slipper clutch and all the old problems are a distant memory. I still remember that I had to change the original clutch not once but twice in 20K miles. The so called "improved" clutch lasted for an even shorter period of time that the original "unimproved" clutch. The first time Suzuki paid for the parts but not the labor since the bike was out of warranty. The second time I had to pay for all of the clutch replacement myself.That's when I decided to put the slipper in.

If the new Concept comes with another old cheapo non slipper clutch that would be the deal breaker for me. Another deal breaker might be if the the bike comes with a 17 inch front wheel instead of the present 19 incher. I might not take the bike off road very much but I would like to have that option. No one even makes dual/sport or dirt tires for a 17 inch rim (as far as I know)

Even the new Kawasaki Ninja 300 has slipper clutch and this is a basic $5k motorcycle. Wake up Suzuki.
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