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Originally Posted by Albie View Post
Well, the biggest issue being that routes are so mapset dependent. Maybe if Garmin actually put some effort forward in creating actual WORKING algorithms that would recalculate routes intelligently across different mapsets this wouldn't be an issue. I agree with you 100% that it would be nice to see this work. I was playing around with a route today that a buddy sent me. He created it on 2010.10 and when I try to recalculate it and then reshape it while using 2013.20 I can't get it to route the same. I know all the roads he's got routed STILL exist because I've ridden on them plenty. It's seriously frustrating that the algorithm is so flawed that it actually creates U turns rather then following the logical path simply because I changed the version of the mapset.
I agree completely on the Routing algorithm point: all of the newer Garmin GPS's use the same one. I was hoping that the Activity Profile XML data would enable this and reduce/eliminate the strict dependance on Map versions for newer Garmin units anyway. So far that has not been implemented.

Also, don't forget that all of the "dependancies" are eliminated with Direct Routing.

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