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Originally Posted by cam14 View Post
Nice job on the whole system, what did you use for baffling for the home made muffler?

Thanks for the compliment. As far a baffling, the best as I can remember the inlet tube extended 1/2 way or more through the body of the muffler and had a lot of holes drilled along it's length and all the way around. It was capped off, so to speak and the cap was about the diameter of the inside of the muffler body, but had a ring of holes to allow the exhaust to flow between the "front and back" part of the muffler. I can't really remember how far the outlet tube went onto the body, but I think it extended in part-way and was also drilled to allow a lot of different passages for exhaust to get to the outlet and eventuall the down turned spigot. The whole idea was to break up the exhaust flow to "homogenize" the exhaust pulses into a more even flow. Compared to the sound straight out of the merge collector, it quieted the exhaust a lot.Performance compared to stock, I doubt there was an increase, but to me it had a "cool factor" racier look, sounded better, and was way lighter than the stock double mufflers.

It was fun to build and I'd like to do similar exhaust for others in my fab shop for a reasonable price, but I don't exactly live in a highly populated area where there's a lot of demand. Too bad I don't have a salvage yard full of bikes to use as "jigs" to do custom exhausts.

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