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Originally Posted by papalobster View Post
I'm liking the Patton. I still need 55k xp for the 105 though

I'm running vents and rammer and I swap out a camo net for every battle. Loaders at 100% the rest of the crew is at 93% small repair kit, first aid kit, and fire extinguisher.

Commander has Mentor 100% and recon 60%
Gunner has Dead Eye at 100% and snap shot at 51%
Driver has smooth ride at 94%
Radio has situational awareness at 94%
loader has repairs at 57%, he started over as I had misunderstood brothers in arms and retrained him.

Any suggestions from the professionals?
Looks good to me.
I suppose it had better. It is almost exactly how I have my crew set up. I'm on 2nd skill(88%) for everyone so my last 3 have
Smooth ride/Clutch Braking
Situational Awareness/Repairs
Adrenaline Rush/Repairs

Commander and gunner are the same as you.

I run the rammer, stabalizer, and gun laying drive. If I'm not sniping, I prefer to have a good chance at getting a hit on a drive by. I've been toying with the idea of swapping the stabalizer for the vent class. haven't decided.

Best think you did was not run it bone stock. The 105 is worth the grind.
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