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So, I just got back from a 200 mile day ride -- first one on my new-to-me SMR!

Regarding fuel economy: My last fill-up of the day was 37 mpg. So, that's good.

Bike handled fantastically, and ate up all the twisty roads I threw at it. Suspension is really excellent. It's a bit undersprung for my size, but the damping is spot-on.

Only problem I had -- and it was a doozy: 20 miles from home I stopped to fuel up. When I tried to start the bike, I had a very hard time. It wouldn't idle without the choke, and was back-firing a bit. It sounded like it was running on only one cylinder. In order to get home, I exited the highway has station with te choke half open, and closed it only when I got up to highway speeds. At speed it seemed ok. Btw, this was at about 11:30 pm, so I was a bit freaked out.

Btw, the headlights are really outstanding.

Any thoughts?
My bike seems very susceptible to old fuel making it run on one cylinder at idle. A jet kit is going in pretty soon, I've already got it, just have to do it, but even my old YZ450F was very sensitive about how old the gas was, if it sat for a month, it would goober up the pilot jet pretty bad.
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