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Thanks for for thoughts, ideas, and the link as well!

My foot feels a little better every major breakthroughs or anything but a bit better. A bit of a scare today, my good foot slipped out from under me and I put some weight on the bad foot to try and catch myself, I quickly realized that was a bad move and retracted it and just crashed to the floor...better move. I quickly got back up and back to the bed where pain pills were quickly taken, wife is not very happy with my escapades. I still have 3 toes which are a bit numb and don't want to move much. Hopefully its just from all the trauma, swelling, and it will just take a bit longer for that to clear up.

I can't say I understand the timeline right now other than stitches will most likely come out on Tuesday and at the 12 week point the screws will come out. So I would like to understand at what point can I drive, put weight on it, when can I wear regular shoes, and the most important point when can I ride a motorcycle. Lots of questions with no answers.
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