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Would you leave a riding buddy?

Got a situation. I put up a thread in the "Travellers Seeking Travellers" forum of the HUBB asking if anyone wanted to join me on a trip to Morocco. Clearly stated that my dates were set but route in fact, everything else, was wide open. Got a guy take me up. He suggested the route and I agreed.

Met up in Southern Spain; me on a four and a half year old 800GS, him on a twenty four year old Moto Morini 350. First days pootle into Morocco went fine. Second afternoon, he broke down. We waited an afternoon for it to be fixed. Spent the next day in the nearest city trying to source parts. Next afternoon he broke down again. I took a day trip to see if his bike could get fixed. It couldn't so I rode on two days ahead to meet my wife who was flying in for a short break. I left him with some decent local people.

This gave him five days to catch up. The bike was fixed on Saturday although he didn't ride to catch me up, suggesting we rendezvous on Wednesday on the way back, arriving by different routes. He never made it; broke down again. I'm now back in Spain and he's not responding to my texts.

I'm kind of feeling bad that I didn't go back for him and if it doesn't feel right then it probably isn't right. Then again, there's nothing I could do but stand and look at his broken bike, I'm no wrencher.
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