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Originally Posted by tahoeacr View Post
I am ASSuming you want the throttle jerk fixed.
That's a small part of it really, that and the lag rolling on the throttle at around 4,500. Plus I've put on Wings, did the canisterectomy / SAS, will be changing the air box to the CPR and maybe the RC8 stacks. My mileage is in the toilet also. I have a Tune ECU cable on the way to look at and reset some other parameters but want a pro to get the A/F right and whether or not to use the O2 sensors. I had a Power Commander III on it for a while but that was a nightmare trying to use the canned maps and am back on the stock base map using the O2's.

I have called on some locals but get the "umm, err, KTM you say?" Just not a reassuring feeling from any of them. I'm perfectly capable of screwing it up on my own for free. I may get back to the Tune ECU thread after I get the cable and try some things but I really want to get a good baseline from a pro first.
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