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So you had time to notice the dude on the pole, the other dude across the street, work vehicles parked, and had time to see the cable itself, all before being horribly killed by some deadly RG-6 doom. You were going the speed limit of 25, so when you saw work vehicles and workers you should have slowed to 10-15. Do you really need a sign and cone to tell you these things? I used to string cable for a living and you would not believe the extent of the safety protocols we were supposed to adhere to. So what if a couple grunts were stringing a drop that takes 5 min. And didn't want to do 30 min of prep to save that one motorcyclist who would prefer to cruise around oblivious to the everyday hazards of riding. He only thing to bitch about was having to make the effort to be aware, instead of having bright orange colors doing it for you.
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