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Originally Posted by JustKip View Post
Pretty sure the lower gear was first intorduced in '08
and getting moving with a load being hard on the clutch is exactly what I worry about in hacking my std '07 GS. I'm not a huge fan of the GSA as a solo bike, but (unlike a solo bike) that lower gear and bigger tank really are a huge advantage for a hack.
IF I had bought a GSA ('08 or newer) it would be the bike I'd hack, with no second thoughts.
The way the dealer told it to me was that the enduro tranny was an option on the GSA from '05 - '07.
In 2008 it became standard on the Adventure model.
I have an '06 GSA without the enduro tranny and wish I had it simply for the lower first gear.
My clutch is suffering...

My vote is to hack the GS.

Eric B
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