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Originally Posted by Pecha72 View Post
Itīs also a weight thing.

And Iīll have a chain on an ADV bike, thank you.

An example: my friend just did a 6-month tour from Argentina to the US... and there was one major fault on the bike during the whole trip. You guessed it – the shaft gave up in Colombia. So the bike was transported on a pick-up to Cartagena, and then on a boat to Panama, where they were able to fix it (with parts shipped to them from Europe). Meant about 7-10 days of waiting around, and I have no info on the total costs, but wasnīt cheap.

On a chain-driven bike that just does not happen. So very easy to carry all parts as spares, if you like. And even if you donīt, chains are everywhere. I know it requires more regular maintenance.

But I donīt mean to start a fight, this is nothing more than just my personal opinion.
For a trip to South America I would take a KLR650 over most any bike...simple, easy, reliable.

I use a big ADV bike strictly as an all road touring bike for my wife and I so a shaft drive would be nice. I really just like the big ADV's for their ergo's. a sport tourer would more suit my end use of that bike.

For now my KLR650 does most of my ADV type riding
However, I am not complaining because I know that I am probably better today then I will be tomorrow, so I try and enjoy every day as it comes, and stay determined to live well and be appreciative of what I still can do..."Stromsurfer"
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