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Scored this at a thrift store for $15. Now i need to figure out what motor, radio, batteries, etc... Any suggestions?

Its a Clever Boy.

Wingspan: 35 in (900 mm) **********
Length: 30 in (760mm) ********
Wing Area: 243 sq. in (15.70 d)
Flying weight: 14 oz
Motor: brushed 390 or same size brushlee (not included)
Battery: Ni/MH AAA 8 cells 9.6V 650 mAh or Li-po 3 cells
11.1V 900 mAh (not included)
Prop: brushed 96, brushless 8x6
ESC: 20A (not included) **
CG: 2.4 in from the wing front edge
Radio required: 4 channels, 3 mini servos
Color: Red, Green, Yellow, Blue and Purple
Full Product Review
with flying video on RCU

Clever Boy Video

Clever Boy on Floats Video
What is new on 2nd generation Clever Boy
Click for more details
Control Throw:

Ailerons - 40 degree 15mm up and down
Elevator - 35 degree 28mm up and down
Rudder - 35 degree 80mm up and down


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