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Originally Posted by Kentucky View Post
Bob Bellino is a great guy! The event was surely a sell out. Huge enthusiastic crowd were treated to amazing deep sand racing on a long straightaway tight corners mile. It was an epic event!
It was a great event indeed! I rode over and camped out by the coast for 3 days,the Mile was a rough cushion track with guys roosting sand/dirt way over the fence. Smith had a big lead in the main but kept running high,while more rubber got laid down on the low side. Halbert and company finally caught him but what a cool race to watch! I asked Smith afterwards if it was scary broadlsiding nearly backwards right out to the haybales coming off turn 4.
He said,Yes it was extremely hairball or something to that effect. He was grinning like a fool though as were the other top finishers,all soaked in sweat,looked like a lot of work getting around the track.

S.Halbert said the roost hitting him would slow his bike down a good amount,I saw him disappear from view just due to roost!
Brad Baker had a decent lead in a 750 semi,then the cushion got him and he and his bike and a whole bunch of haybales got to rolling along like a wave for about 50feet. I hope hes OK. Overall a great race in both classes.

I also checked out the sat night shortrack,it was a tight corner version of a shorttrack,450's were hitting the rev limiter right off the corners mostly. They had kids on 80's,super senior classes,vintage classes,all 2 stroke good old fashioned screaming compression release classes. All racing their brains out,it was old school at it's best!
Then the Pros came out,Mees and Bonsey being the biggest names,but some hot shoes from Lodi and various other tracks didnt make it at all easy,lots of major stuffing coming into turns and really just a brawl even at the back of the pack.
A kid from Lodi Cycle Bowl put it on all of them easily,got all his starts perfect and kept it pinned and sideways all the way around,cut one perfect line after the other.
It looked like he was running a framer 450 but still,he put on a hell of a show!

Im going back. The shorttrack was as fun as the Mile,or very nearly so.
Some bikes around at times
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