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Originally Posted by BCC View Post
You know, I really don't think I agree. If you are just toodling along at the posted speed or at the limit of your comfort zone in primo twisties, taking in the sights, then it's no big deal to move over and let the faster/better rider by. I mean, it's not like you're in a hurry.

Move over. You get to enjoy your sightseeing ride and so does the rider who likes to ride faster.

And this from a guy who rides a Harley.
Yep ... there is usually no reason to block another bike. It is legal here for bikes to lane share so you aint even breaking the law to let them slip by in your lane.

Mind you I was recently out for a tootle on my Hardley when I had cause to block a sportsbike rider for a short while ... even gave the slow down signal which he chose to ignore. Anyway he blasts by me giving me the finger I couldn't actually hear the swearing from inside his helmet (but could imagine it) as he passed the mobile radar van that was parked not too far around the next corner I knew it was there having just come by it 10 minutes before
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