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I am expecting some degree of pain and discomfort, along with a few other problems. It is supposed to be an "adventure" If I wanted to make it easy, I would just take the Goldwing, or even better, a car. People who do things like this do not look for the easiest way, they look for the most fun way. I have no immediate plans for a trip around the world on a scooter, I'd just like to go out and cross a few state lines, for now anyway. To me, someone who does take a super long distance trip on a scooter is looking for a challenge. To take a risk and beat the odds. Kind of like climbing Mt. Everest. I mean, why on earth would any sane rational person ever even consider doing something like that? I just watched a 2 hour documentary on Lindbergh's flight across the Atlantic. Why did he do it? Why did he risk his life, and endure such hardship? It was not for the money, nor for fame, as he did his best to avoid that. He did it for the challenge, and to prove it could be done. Admittedly you have to have a fair degree of passion to try something like that, and some just don't have it.
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