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Originally Posted by slickwill View Post
You're trying to shine the side panels on what is essentially a dirt bike? I thought my OCD was bad.

I'd better not post pics of my side panels.
Nothing wrong with wanting it to look nice. Especially if he drives it in town. My friend rides an XR600 to work and parked in in the front on the side walk. The thing is definitely not a looker. Always dirty, and scratched up plastics, he refuses to make it look nice. His manager told him he couldn't park it in front anymore. I wasn't surprised.

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I have a 2002. As I was attempting the utbdr, everything was going great. Day 4 a knocking sound started at idle and while I was riding. I continued to ride. The bike ended up bogging out and wouldn't go over 40mph. After towing it back home. Tore the bike apart. Thought it was the cam. Replaced the cam. Had work done on all 4 valves after getting a compression test. So the top end is in great shape now. Started it up and the knocking is still the same. What in the bottom end could it be? My buddy suggested the crank. I'm not the best with bikes. Any advice would help.
Check the clutch/adjusters?

My clutch knocks but it's been doing that for years. Maybe yours is slipping...
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