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Originally Posted by Brendan J View Post
As to what Jay has already mentioned they are looking for an agent so maybe its time someone stood up and grabbed the bull by the horns so to speak and took it on. I would imagine that Claude Stanley would also be more than happy to export and manufacture his chairs to left hand fitment as well providing he gets enough orders to suffice retooling.
No real big problems on doing a left mount for us. No real re tooling required for the sidecar or body itself. If someone over there was interested in doing the subframe and handling the export issues we would be more than happy to do what we can to make it happen. We can provide critical parts for the subframe but I am a little learing of doing them using fixtures etc.. I am not saying we would not consider doing jigged subframes however.
Note that We can also do bodies with minor or major modifications or total custom designs if desired. Many times the cost of such things does not increae the overall outlay much if anything.
1/8" aluminum or 16ga. steel. Typical finish is powdercoating or they could be left bare metal.
HOWEVER....That body of Bully's looks darn good......he just may be your man :-)

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