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Originally Posted by aiMhi View Post
Nice man have fun with it. I like playing with composites as well it provides a creative outlet. Getting rid of bubbles in CF is very hard, it's all about keeping this warm. I actually warm it up a bit with my heat gun which makes it soak better into the CF. Large mfg actually stamp out their parts out of perfect flat pre made cf pieces.Just watch out for the CF dust it's lethal.
It is a lot of fun. The more I learn, the more ideas I get. If only there were more time...

Yeah, the pre-preg stuff that the pros use look cool, but that seems so much like an assembly line type of work - no spirit. We are able to get intimately involved with our composite projects, bubbles and all. I'm sure I'll get better at getting rid of the bubbles, and I'll keep the heat gun trick in mind.

Ebrabaeck has reported that spraying just a bit of acetone on the first layer of epoxy helps some of the bubbles surface, as well as helping with surface tension somehow. Maybe he'll chime in a bit on how exactly he applies/sprays the acetone, and what it does.

The CF dust is nasty. I spend a lot of time with a respirator or dust mask on. Better safe then sorry.
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